Monday, September 27, 2010

Spain - Portugal.

Had A great sail from Vigo Spain to Lisboa , Portugal , 2 nites and 3 days with a fresh North Easter wind which blew us more than half way there , Came in at midnite to Setubal Nature reserve,to anchore off a clean beach between the resorts and No - Where
... After relaxing for a few days we went down town to do the formalities Three times we were told free mooring for a sail Training Vessel was impossible Then I finally met the Big Guy and was given 2 mnths free mooring with the fishermen .Wonderful Hospitality while waiting for hurricane season to Pass. I prepare to refit before departing for Madeira , Cuba, December 2010. Travelers interested in joining us for the Atlantic , please get in touch now as only a few berths available . Hanna will soon be abaoard and the blog will upgraded again , Happy travels , Nuthin- Wong

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  1. hey! sent you a message on your phone and email!

    Me and a friend from mexico are completely down to join on board!

    -Fernelly & Jorge