Saturday, September 04, 2010

Santander- Gijon-La Coruna.

Big thanks to Alberto who helped us solve our engineering problems in Santander, getting us outta town 6 days later after sociable party at yacht club. Raising Gijon in fresh Easterly wind where we welcomed Anna aboard from Hungary, at 8.30 am , at the fuel dock while taking on 182 litres of Diesel oil, most of which we burned the next 29 hours to La Coruna 130 nm. with wind on the Nose all the way, but the 40 year old Perkins never missed a beat and the newly machined shaft'n'Flange running true. As we now approach one of the most rugged and windy areas bound for Cap Finestere. We pay attention to the weather closely as even on non-windy days the wind turbines strategictly placed are producing energy for surrounding area. Aboard the good ship for the next leg are , Thomas , chief bread maker'n'cook whose learning not to forget to remember, Anna, ex physics high school teacher, now professional online Poker player, learning not to puke, Robin, English teacher in Spain outta Wales, teaching in Spain Madrid last few yrs, practically kidnapped off a North bound ferry and convinced to sail South, learning changes in attitudes and latitudes, Patrick , up'n'coming adventurer, outta Switzerland looking for a rainbow and learning how to propose to Elizabeth whose not aboard any more, Tanya printer outta Cologne Germany, ran a Heidleburg printing machine cut loose after 5yrs, learning to not look back. All in good spirits .. more news'n'views soon as we continue going da Wong way.

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