Saturday, April 17, 2010

Work hard, play hard(er)...

Over the past few days it's been confirmed that, even in the 21st century, boats are the most reliable form of transportation. While those preferring flying - this less scenic, environmentally atrocious but admittedly faster means of transportation - have been earthbound for three days, the Wong is as reliable as ever.

Today was an extra special day as the Wong left the wall for the first time in three months! Even though she's been happy there, receiving lots of TLC and admiration, she is happier bobbling on the waves. Due to tides we had to move her to the pontoon where work continues for another week.

With old and new friends dropping in, some for coffee, some to secure a bunk for the months ahead, the energy aboard is buzzing. We are stunned and amazed by the hospitality and support from Greenwich Yacht Club whose help has been invaluable.

Each day is one closer to departure but as some of you might now we are not leaving London without a proper goodbye party! This is to take place up the river, next to Tower Bridge on Saturday, April 24. It's a very exciting day indeed! We will arrive at Hermitage Moorings around noon to welcome the press aboard from 1PM. Come down for a bite to eat and be part of the celebration! We will also start shooting the documentary from here, so if you want to be perpetuated on the Wong, this is your opportunity :)

As for final departing date, May 1, it's sneaking upon us quickly now. Buckle up!

Happy days!

Monday, April 05, 2010

18 days until departure

The Easter weekend aboard the Wong has been all about chipping hammers, grinders, paint - and great progress!

For once the British weather has worked with us, and despite a small hailstorm the temperature has allowed us to finally play outside! The lovely people of Greenwich Yacht Club have, as usual, provided great help and support.

She may still be tied to the wall, but at least she's looking prettier by the day. Rust has been removed and new steel welded on to the rails, LED light fittings in all berths and a fresh coat of paint on the 'white stripe'.

With the sunshine people have started strolling along the Thames again, some of them intrigued enough by the Wong to stop and have a chat. It's always great to get people, some of whom have never been on a ship before, aboard for a cup of tea and a tour.

Although the 'Crew Wanted' sign has made a return on the back deck we still have some berths available. This week's mission is filling them. That, and perhaps a wind generator...