No Fixed Address

'No Fixed Address' is Captain Clive Hamman's story of surviving storms, robberies, knock downs, pirate attacks, becoming lost, mutinies, adversities and romances. The account of a man, in his own words, who has cut free from the bonds of the everyday world and sailed headlong into adventure, for better or worse.

The book covers Nuthin Wong's first 17 years at sea, from her construction on Vancouver Island through her adventures in Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe. 

This is a book for anyone who has ever dared to take that final, perilous step into the wild unknown and everyone who has never given up on adventure. 

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'No Fixed Adress' (241 pages)
Printed Book or E-book

'Learning how to Leave' is a DVD filled with video content of the Nuthin Wong voyages. You'll be able to see 45 minutes of the ship sailing through the French canals at sea to Barcelona, Balearic Islands and Gibraltar. Interviews with the Capitain Hamman and the crew, and daily life aboard.
-'Cassandra' (17' short film)
-Special Funk Rock music from Lyon

'Learning How to Leave' (75 minute DVD)

'Complete Pack' Buy the book and the DVD for a special pack price. It's worth it.

'Complete Pack'


Cover & Back Cover of the Book