Saturday, May 08, 2010

Ups, downs and in-betweens.

Queenborough, Kent, U.K.
Latitude: 51.4157
Longitude: 0.7480

There are two types of days aboard a boat; tough, wet and pleasant or tough, wet and painful. Enjoying a glass of red on the aft deck overlooking Tower Bridge on a spring evening makes London seam like the most beautiful place in the world and us the most fortunate sailors in town. Then the front cabin catches on fire as we're welding in a rainstorm and it's quite a different story. But it certainly keeps us on our toes...

Our Tower Bridge visit was great fun and a change of scenery from Greenwich. We must have looked rather spectacular coming in to the city with our crew of 15, of four nationalities, aged 5 to 80! We were lucky with the weather and the arrival was celebrated with coffee and cake on the pontoon. Hermitage Moorings is an amazing little community of live-aboards - mostly young families! Clive held a presentation in the common room one night, and when the funds ran a it low we set up camp on the side walk and found a new home for a few books.

We went back to Greenwich for final re-fittings and a grand farewell party. Sailors generally know how to party and the Greenwich crew is no exception. It was a memorable and in all ways wet evening! Thanks guys!

It was with mixed emotions we finally left Greenwich Yacht Club on the evening of May 1. Six of us aboard for the first leg - Clive, Hanna, Sean, Jim, Nicola and Fernando - we had a nice cruise down to Queenborough, on Sheepey Island. It turned out to be quite an adventure as the pontoon was full and we were forced to tie up on a mooring, swimming distance from the shore. Hanna timed catching a bug with fever and some over-the-rail action supremely as the tides and winds were way too strong for the dinghy to get anyone on or off the boat. As the food supplies ran low and we had to get creative with lentils and rice for a second day we all felt pretty ship wrecked and sorry for ourselves. But in spite of the obstacles the spirit was very high. With friends, red wine and lentils you can take on just about anything.

After hanging out in Queenborough for a couple of days we are setting sail for Dover tomorrow and Wednesday morning we depart for France and Boulogne-sur-Mer.

Until next time,

Love and courage

Nuthin Wong


  1. Hey Crew of the Wong;

    Sad that I couldn't join in on the adventure. You guys are on my mind - stay well and happy winds.


  2. Jaz and Peppexx11:36 PM

    Clive and Hannah!!!! Thinking of you and your wonderful adventure! Hpe it all dries up soon! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Thank you guys for your well wishes! Jaz and Peppe, the herbs are growing beautifully on the deck! The parsley has made many a delicious meals but I have to confess we're not totally tuned in on how to work the aloe vera (or 'cactus' as Clive calls it).

    Hope summer is marching in to London town soon!