Friday, May 28, 2010

Off course...

We got side tracked and ended up.... in Paris.

Like so many beautiful things, our Paris adventure was found on the sidewalk. One sunny afternoon, hustling the boardwalk, we met the lovely Mademoiselle Gonsalves. On a weekend visit to her Honfleur holiday flat but bound back for Paris she offered us a holiday from the Wong and a ride to the big smoke.

Like fish happily out of water we spent a lovely couple of days in this beautiful city. Although it is one of Europe's biggest (and most tourist packed) it has a pleasant, friendly vibe about it and, of course, culture, art, food and wine to keep one inspired and satisfied for much longer than we could afford hanging around.

Kitchen bohéme and the beautiful Moulin Rouge

Hard working crew...?

Stand by for departure for the Channel Islands within the next week. And where are your comments folks?


Nuthin Wong


  1. Keep up the good work, chaps. I kick myself for not hopping onboard >(

    Hope all is well with the Wong & Crew.


  2. Anonymous12:40 PM

    HI Clive, I'm in Darwin at the moment,(not by boat ,had to fly} monsoon weather ever since I arrived so have'nt been very far.Hope all is well with you, is the lovely Hannah still with you? Safe journey, thinking of you. Best wishes,Roy. GYC.