Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bay Islands to Portabello. Panama.

600 miles from Honduras, Murder Capital of the Planet to Portobello , took 12 days , Punching into head seas for 300 miles, run out of diesel , found Capt. Norman in Vivorilla reef , shrimping , sold me 500 L. and 20 L. oil , and was advised to stay way off shore of the Nicaragua coast as the pirates where coming out and taking all the fish and electronics from the fishermen. They found us 76 miles offshore, and nearly got the drop on us , but we out run them on Perkins power , plus full sail once past reefs. Then had good winds and steep seas once off the bank to Portobello . where we spent some time before sailing to San Blas Islands. Where I visited for a while , met wonderful Kuna Indians and found a Puppy , from Chichime isl. called San Blas , who sailed with us to Bocas Del Toro. where we are preparing for the Panama Canal and last leg of 22 to B.C. Canada where the Wong was built and deo. from in 1991.

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