Monday, May 30, 2011

Wong News from Gran Cayman

57 days moving and 5030 miles later, we are in Grand Cayman.
Since we left Portugal in January, we almost have had good NE winds to push us till here.
Portugal, Madeira, Canaries, Grand Turck and Cuba without rain, nor storms. Sometimes no winds neither. So outta 33days we motored 5 days. We caught big dorados, groupa, snake fish and trade beers for a full buckets of lobsters and red snapper.
Between Cayo Largo and Cayman islands w
e had our first gale. Sylvie and Clive shared watches and worked the Wong to Grand Cayman. The gale broke the mainsail yardarm.
We plan to leave here the 10th of June to join Panama and the Blas Islands and will be around there for the hurricane season.
Stay connected and happy travels to all travelers.
Some pictures from the last months...

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