Friday, June 25, 2010

O'hoy and farewell....

Hi everyone... I'm Brett, 24 and I've been aboard the Wong for the last 10 days I joined in Guernsey having travelled out from London. We've been having a great time cruising around Guernsey and the local island of Sark. We've been staying in some absolutely amazing bays and had many a BBQ while the sun goes down. Still managed to make time to catch the England matches in the world cup though! Our fishing skills like the England team's performance have been a little suspect, we're still waiting for the whopper that will feed us for a week.
We arrived in Jersey this morning and sadly I'll be getting the ferry back home tomorrow. I wish Clive and Hanna well on the ongoing voyage and to all who follow in my footsteps and spend some time on the Wong, you won't regret or forget it.

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